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Kids in Preschool

O’Leary Speech Therapy is a pediatric speech and language therapy practice that provides in-home and virtual services. Therapy is play-based and there is an emphasis on family and caregiver education, allowing for the carryover of learned skills.



At O’Leary Speech Therapy, we provide evidence-based therapy designed to help children be confident communicators. It is our goal to provide children with a toolbox of communication skills in order to perform and participate in life and the world around them. We embrace and encourage family, caregiver, and school participation in the therapy process and follow the child’s lead when determining therapy activities. 



Therapy is play-based and provided in the child's naturalistic environment. With play-based therapy, children are able to take the lead and create connections and memories that extend beyond the therapy session. During play, children are intrinsically motivated. The therapist works to incorporate required targets and memorable episodes to promote use carryover of learned skills.



Therapy is provided for 60-minutes, once or twice weekly depending upon the needs of the child. 

The first 45-minutes of the session are spent working with the child. The remainder of the session is spent sharing observations, progress, and strategies for carryover with the parent or caregiver. 

O'Leary Speech Therapy: Boston's Pediatric Speech Therapy
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